KaraMale is an easy to use and yet a powerful technology. This is a system that will revolutionize the night life industry for years to come. KaraMale offers a variety of Products and services. KaraMale is an online system that aims to; host nightclubs. I.e. allowing clubs to create what we call a virtual bar. The idea behind KaraMale is building a commune of nightclubs, where clubs, lounges and bars will be hosted on one platform.

Our vision here at KaraMale is to create a warm, friendly environment where people can come and enjoy the night life at the tips of their fingers. Through each order we strive to provide a top quality customer experience that will surely put the cherry on top of all the expectations. We believe that we are on the face of the earth to provide the best service to the night life! We are constantly focusing on innovating, and believe in simplifying and not complicated technology. We aim to own and control the primary technology of making orders and bookings.

The action plan is already in motion. KaraMale is already an up and running business. KaraMale aims to take over the Night life Industry not only that but aims to Take over the world. KaraMale hopes to bring change and easy lifestyle for its customers. KaraMale hopes to bring communication from the customers to the business and the other way around, KaraMale is to engage with the Businesses and the customers to build good customer based service, to provide the best source of communication and understanding to its users. We hope to reach out to a variety of audience all over the world all in a click of a button.

KaraMale offers a lot of benefits to the customer; KaraMale helps the customer in so many different ways that it makes one’s life easier for them.

KaraMale allows the customer to place an order for drinks or Food in a click of a button which is then sent to the business and you as the customer are able to see if the drink or food are available before you even go to the club or Restaurant, and the customer will receive an SMS or Email to let you know if your order was successful or not.

One can also Book a table for yourself or friends and family the website will assist in asking how many people you are booking for and allows you to make online payments as well before you even go to the club.

KaraMale also offers to the customer the option to book the venue for an event like a birthday celebration, engagement party or even a function. This option will depend on the business if they do rent out the Venue for such events.

The Application also offers the customer to purchase tickets online if there is an event happening at the bar or club, the customer will also be given an option to choose the type of ticket they wish to purchase for example: VIP, General, smoking area or non-smoking area all this will be given according to the capacity and availability of the business.

KaraMale also offers the ability for a customer to buy credits and use the credits to purchase drinks or food at the bar or club. The credits system helps the customer to avoid having cash on them as it is not safe to travel around having cash at night. The Credits can be purchased at the club or online using the online methods given, the Credits system will be 1 credit is equivalent to R1. DISCOUNTS. The application also allows you to check all your credits and set a limit for a night, week, month, or year.

The website also allows you as the customer to keep track of how much you have spent in a day, week, or month. This helps keep your budget in check for the entertainment life of a customer and all this is done automatically when you purchase your food or drinks using the application or user ID in the store.

The application also helps you the customer to measure the amount of drinks you have consumed and the type of drink you have ordered the most in the given time frame, and the bar or club you have visited a lot in that given month or week.

Above mentioned are just a few of the exciting features that KaraMale has to offer for the customer.

KaraMale enables the business to have a relationship with their customers, as it is said “customer relationship” is the best way to grow your business. This application allows the business to have direct communication with its customers all at your fingertips.

The application will help the business get rid of all the paper work and save all the Data for a life time as soft copies, this helps the business keep track of its customers and all its records for years to come.

KaraMale also helps the business in keeping track of how many and what products they have and what needs to be order, not only that but KaraMale also helps to keep track of the daily, weekly, and monthly Sales the business has made. This will than automatically calculate the profit the business has made.

This application will also help the business in showing which products move faster than the other so that the business does not buy a lot of products that do not move, or run out of products that actually move.

Moving forward this application aims to provide the business with easier to use and convenient tools for the customer example: for the customer to be able to order a product online while seating in the club to avoid the customers waiting in long queues for service.

With this application the business is able to monitor the tickets sold for an event and the preference of the customer so that they are able to cater for such requests.

KaraMale also helps monitor the online bookings for events that the customer has made and allows the business to send out invoices to the customer via email, according to the customer. This service also allows the business to keep track of all the bookings the club has had and is yet to have.

Imagine going to a club where there is order not having to wait for a table or knowing exactly that your drinks or food are available and ready, not having to be told they are sold out such great convenience.

KaraMale will take responsibility in terms of maintenance e.g. Computer servicing, software packs, software bugs and updates and any further more technical issues that the application may have.